Who's Who On Carina
Everyone on Carina has been verified by the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) or the SEIU 775 Training Partnership. Let's take a closer look at who you might meet on the website.
Individual Providers (IPs)
Carina is a meeting place for a variety of Individual Providers. The amount of training a care provider has received depends on their provider classification and is described in more detail within the training section of each provider's profile.
This table summarizes the types of home care providers on Carina. Please note that some providers may have completed additional training or achieved voluntary credentials beyond what is required by law.
Provider Type
Training & Credentials
Credentialed Providers
Credentialed care providers have both met DSHS training requirements for providing in-home care services and been issued a credential by the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). Credentials include HCA, NAC/CNA, OSPI, LPN, RN and ARNP.
ARNP Credentialed
RN Credentialed
LPN Credentialed
OSPI Credentialed
NAC Credentialed
HCA Credentialed
Respite Providers
Respite Providers have completed at least 9 hours of training and can provide up to 300 hours of respite care yearly. To care for clients beyond these limits, they will need to compete standard training and credentialing.
Limited Service Providers
Limited Service Providers have completed at least 30 hours of training and can provide 20 hours of care per month for a single client. To care for clients beyond these limits, they will need to compete standard training and credentialing.
Exempt Providers
Some providers are exempt from recent training and credential requirements due to their employment history. Exempt providers completed basic training that was required at their time of hire prior to Jan 7, 2012.
Parent and Adult Child Providers
These care providers are exempt from standard training and credential requirements due to a familial relationship with their current client. They take an alternate training and do not require a credential unless they start caring for a new, non-related client.
Unlike other care providers on Carina, Parent Providers and Adult Child Providers also have the opportunity to post jobs on behalf of their client using special features within their Carina accounts.
Providers in Training
Some providers on Carina have completed at least 5 hours of Orientation & Safety training but are still in the process of completing Basic Training and/or credential requirements. These providers are approved to start providing care but must complete all 75 hours of state-approved training within 120 days of starting work.
Home Care Clients
Carina is also a meeting place for home care clients from diverse backgrounds. Each individual will have unique preferences and qualities. What the consumers have in common is that they have functional limitations or developmental disabilities that make them eligible for long-term care services.

Functional limitations may be due to either aging, chronic illness or trauma. Limitations include one or all of the following: need for cuing, minor assistance or the inability to perform a variety of physical activities, use of assistive devices, and they may have sensory or cognitive impairment. Developmental disabilities begin before the person reaches 18 years of age and may be present throughout the person’s life. Persons with developmental disabilities may have physical, cognitive or emotional impairment. Developmental disabilities can also affect an individual’s ability to learn, communicate or perform one or more activities of daily living.

Services consumers may receive under Medicaid programs are captured in a client’s CARE assessment. These services include: ambulation, transfer, positioning, medication assistance, toileting, bathing, personal care, eating, housework, meal preparation, laundry and transportation to medical services and/or essential shopping.

The Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) works with the Home Care Referral Registry (HCRR) and Carina to help eligible clients or their families find qualified individual providers to help them remain in their home.
Home Care Referral Registry Coordinators
Many home care clients choose to register for Carina and post jobs on their own. However, for those that prefer extra assistance, your local Registry Coordinator is available to post a job on your behalf and help you find a quality care match. For added convenience, Carina labels whether a job was posted by a Registry Coordinator, Home Care Aide or Client so that it’s easy to tell who you are talking to online.
Case Managers
Case Managers assist clients and their families to identify support needs and to access services and/or other community resources for which clients are eligible and have a need. Carina works with Home and Community Services (HCS), the Development Disabilities Administration (DDA), and the Area Agencies on Aging (AAA) case management teams to help clients and IPs learn more about Carina. Case managers also authorize employment matches between clients and IPs.
The Carina Team
Carina was created by an experienced, enthusiastic, and customer-focused nonprofit team in Seattle Washington. We work in partnership with the SEIU 775 Benefits Group, SEIU 775, and the Washington State Department of Social and Health Services (DSHS) to build and maintain the online homecare tool known as Carina. You may hear from us through emails, see us in videos, or even meet us in person if you participate in user research. We can’t wait to hear your feedback and use it to make Carina a better place for everyone!